Dysautonomia and Weather

The past few days have been rainy and gross in good ole’ Richmond, Virginia and I have been feeling a lot more tired than usual.  I have been sleeping 12 hour nights only to wake up in the morning and watch food network in a recliner for eight hours.  My first thoughts were I was probably overdoing it and my body just needed the rest, but today I feel great and guess what?  The weather outside is great!  I had never thought that weather had an affect on my symptoms, but a recent post on the facebook page inspired me to immediately investigate its potential affects on people with Dysautonomia.

I was looking around on Dysautonomia forums and noticed that most people tend to feel worse when a storm is coming in.  So what could cause a storm to make someone with Dysautonomia feel worse?

Storms are normally associated with a Low Pressure front moving in.  Low pressure makes your body feel as if it is at a higher elevation in terms of normal barometric (atmospheric) pressure.  In certain people this change in barometric pressure can cause pain and migraines.

Achy joints are scientifically proven to be affected by low pressure moving in.  There are nerve endings on joints that have receptors that are sensitive to pressure changes.  When a low pressure front comes in, the pressure changes and people who are sensitive may have pain.  However, the evidence regarding migraines and other symptoms are a lot less conclusive.

Regarding migraines in particular the evidence is all over the place.  Some studies show definitive results that there is a correlation with pressure changes and migraines, others show definitively that there is no correlation.  One theory supporting a connection suggests that a change in pressure brings about changes in oxygen levels, and the blood vessels try to compensate for lower oxygen levels and this causes a migraine.  If this theory is true then there is definitely reason why someone with Dysautonomia would feel like their body is going haywire.

If anyone experiences their symptoms worsen with weather changes, leave your stories!  Together we can make some connections! In addition, check out Weather Channels aches and pains forecast tool!

Hope everyone is feeling well,


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